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ITH Charities

Providing Sustainable Solutions
ITH Charities believes that the best to alleviate poverty without creating a cycle of dependency is not solely through aid, philanthropy, and even economic empowerment programs. The noble at heart, a lot of these solutions lend to ‘unintended consequences.’ We have come to believe that putting together strategically targeted investment solutions arguably facilities for the best desired charitable outcomes.
Defining Strategically Targeted Investments.
ITH Charities invests into charities, philanthropic societies, health and academic institutions with funds and accelerated development and training programs with the goal of facilitating a measureable and tangible economic return. These investments in addition to seeking a financial return focus on the financial payoffs directly related to a communities wellbeing. Such investments include:
Provide sufficient and timely access to reasonable healthcare, education, and finances
Providing healthy solutions to food and water supplies
Building and staffing affordable schools and health clinics and Primarily improving economic wellbeing through creating and providing jobs.
Even before ITH Charities inception, the leadership of ITH Charities has invested in dozens of projects ranging from providing aid to refugees in Africa and the Middle East, facilitating scholarship programs for bachelorette and graduate programs, conducting free eye care and medical clinics in different locales within Africa and the Middle East.
In all these ventures, we employ and innovative approach to poverty alleviation by building commercially sustainable small-medium enterprises that create jobs, empower the disenfranchised to improve their livelihoods, and address their social and environmental issues.

ITH Charities seeks to promote sustainable health development primarily in Africa through active participation and engagement of all stakeholders.

Our giving focuses on:
Improving the lives of children and their families in some of the most impoverished regions.
Building on the skills of people who serve community health needs, primarily through healthcare and technology education.
Preventing diseases, providing access to clean water and sanitation, and facilitating micro-economic programs to enhance community development.

Below are some of our programs and areas of focus:

ITH Charities Clean Water Mission is working in several countries in Africa to improve water supplies and sanitation facilities in schools and communities, and to promote safe hygiene practices. We sponsor a wide range of activities and work with many partners, including families, communities, governments and like-minded organizations.
‘Water is life.’
It is more vital to human survival than food or any other commodity. Yet, it can also spread deadly diseases if contaminated and inappropriately used or kept. People in desperate situations often lack the choice or the capacity to distinguish between safe and unsafe water. They are forced to use whatever is available.

ITH Charities through the EYE- SEE INITIATIVE, works addressing the root causes of blindness and providing preventative measures primarily for youth who do not have access or the means to getting early detection eye checks and treatment. The Eye See Initiative works with others committed to vision health to create a more effective multilevel network for vision loss prevention and eye health promotion. In this capacity we aim to collaborate with state and national partners, to strengthen research and develop interventions to improve eye health, reduce vision loss and blindness, and promote the health of people with vision loss.
The goals of the Eye-See Initiative are to: Promote eye health and prevent vision loss through early diagnosis and treatment measures; to improve the health and lives of people with vision loss by preventing complications, disabilities, and burden; to reduce vision and eye health related disparities through vision health education and other public health strategies. Our particular area of focus is on addressing glaucoma. Treating glaucoma early is important to prevent blindness, and therefore, our efforts focus on locations where there is a high prevalence of Glaucoma. Glaucoma is the name for a group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve. The optic nerve, which carries information from the eye to the brain, is in the back of the eye. When the nerve is damaged, you can lose your vision. At first, people with glaucoma lose side (peripheral) vision. But if the disease is not treated, vision loss may get worse. This can lead to total blindness over time.

The vision of the SUSTAINABLE HEALTHCARE INITIATIVE is to promote sustainable health development primarily, though not limited to Africa through active participation and engagement of all stakeholders. The ITH Charities mission in this regard is to advocate for, and support local government agencies, their partners and communities, NGO’s and other charity organizations to implement reforms required for the establishment of sustainable, viable and responsive health systems as the vehicle for the delivery of known interventions and new technologies to improve community development through healthy promoting for healthy nutrition and disease prevention.
In addition to tangible aid, ITH Charities provides education on chronic malnutrition and hunger through the dissemination of facts, charts, graphs, and statistics. These presentations focus on the causes, current efforts and solutions to chronic malnutrition and hunger, sanitation and hygiene. They also highlight the geographical, economical, and social aspects of chronic malnutrition and disease.

African School
In the past decade access to education has improved for millions of children. But far too many of the world’s most disadvantaged children remain excluded from school, and many of the children in school do not learn the basic skills they need to lead productive lives. Nearly 30 million African children out of school, and something must be done to alleviate this dire situation.
UNICEF suggests that “Education systems around the globe must do more than increase resources to engage the children excluded because of location, gender, disability, ethnic origin, violence or natural disaster. Addressing these challenges requires more than business as usual.” ITH Charities is responding to this need by sponsoring teachers, students, and in some cases entire schools primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa.

ITH Charities aims to provide disaster relief aid in the form of food and water to the severely disadvantaged who are affected by either a lack of existing community resources or a lack of funding and supplies to existing local infrastructures in the time of need. ITH Charities operates and focuses its resources locally and globally to communities who meet the aforementioned criteria regardless of their geographical location.

Current Crisis
In the past five years, at least 15 conflicts have erupted or reignited: eight in Africa (Côte d’Ivoire, Central African Republic, Libya, Mali, northeastern Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and this year in Burundi); three in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, and Yemen); one in Europe (Ukraine) and three in Asia (Kyrgyzstan, and in several areas of Myanmar and Pakistan). ITH Charities woks with a team of qualified emergency response teams toward helping alleviate these crisis. Current efforts are focused on response efforts among the Somali and Syrian refugee communities. Please support these efforts. Of key concern is that since the spring of 2011, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has seized control of large portions of the two Eastern nations with “unstoppable force, extreme brutality, and merciless tactics against religious and ethnic minorities.” The fallout has been devastating, both on a humanitarian and spiritual level: Today, millions of refugees lack access to the most basic necessities needed for daily survival. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), presents this chilling report in an article titled: Worldwide Displacement Hits All-time High as War and Persecution Increase.

The mission of ITH Charities is to make a meaningful contribution toward the reduction of poverty through healthcare and information technology initiatives and solutions. ITH Charities seeks to promote sustainable health development primaril

ITH Charities is a program arm of ITH Staffing, Inc. ITH Staffing has emerged as a premier healthcare and information technology staffing company, serving organizations across the country. As such, ITH Staffing is in tune with the challenges of recruiting

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